Maths Booster

You will have an assessment, then our teachers will help you to work on developing your mathematics skills.

From the beginning we will develop a personalised programme for your child which will focus on increasing their strengths and improving on their gaps of knowledge.

They will frequently work towards their objectives alongside the curriculum so they are receiving the best learning experience needed for their growth and development.

We want your child to go away more confident in everything they learn so that they are more able to answer questions at school, or in exams. The learning experience will be a fun one with our creative lessons and experienced teachers so they will always remember how they gained their knowledge and will always want to learn more.

Although there will be other students in the class, this doesn’t mean that your child will not get one to one time with their tutor. Each child will be mentored by the their tutor so that they can overcome all challenges and reach new targets.

We will oversee your child’s progress and gather the information so that we can deliver the information to the parents. We feel this a very important part of the development because it keeps the parent involved and also gives you the peace of mind that your child is improving.

Maths Booster